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Via Napoli – Authentic Italian, 1m pizzas, enough said.

Posted on : 10-07-2012 | By : Peter | In : Italian, Lane Cove, Location

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It is indeed true that some of the best restaurants can be found in “the burbs”… Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be introduced to one such gem. Located at 141 Longueville Rd in Lane Cove, Via Napoli is a bustling pizzeria serving up traditional Italian fare. The wait staff converse with each other in Italian and are both friendly and entertaining.

We start off with some entrees for the table. Deep fried squid, a cold meat and cheese tasting plate and mussels in a tomato puree. All very good with the mussels standing out as the winner by a long shot. Then come the 1m pizzas – all I can say is there must be one big ass oven out the back! Authentic Italian pizzas and I’m transported back to some of the great pizzas I was lucky enough to sample back in Italy. Great base, lovely tomato sauce and simple toppings that don’t overcrowd the pizza. I think the true testament to the greatness of the pizzas was that the first 1m pizza was strictly vegetarian and there was not a word of complaint from the staunch carnivores on the table (myself included!).

All in all for a party of 10, with starters, two 1m pizzas, beers and wine plus some coffee and desserts for half the table – the bill came to a bargain total of $35 per head. Great value for such great food.

The tips:

1. You must try the 1m pizzas – if only for the sheer spectacle as it’s brought to the table!

2. Each 1m pizza can accommodate 3 topping choices so you can try a few different flavour combinations.

3. Their pepperoni has a real kick, so be careful if there are some people in your party that can’t handle spice.

4. The place gets very busy so bookings are a must.

5. Rug up in the colder months as you may be seated outdoors.

Get in it.

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