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Revolver Cafe, Annandale – One of my favourites

Posted on : 04-07-2011 | By : Peter | In : Annandale, Cafe, Coffee

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Revolver Cafe

Revolver Cafe has it all. An intriguing facade, great decor, friendly service and most importantly – good coffee and great food. Tucked away on a quiet suburban street away from Annandale Village, this cafe is definitely a local secret. Because of its unique address, there is always ample and easy parking. However its remote address has not discouraged patronage and you will generally find a big queue waiting for a table every Saturday and Sunday.

The focus at Revolver Cafe is very much produce driven. They pride themselves on serving honest, fresh food and offer a few twists on the usual cafe offerings. Their 9 hour slow cooked lamb bruschetta comes to mind. Drool… Their decor and cutlery is eclectic and there are some really nice touches like the cast iron pans they serve their big brekkie in as well as the blankets they provide for outdoor diners. The owner and staff are very accommodating and it is no wonder that the place has become popular with many foodies.

My tips:

1. Book ahead of time. You’ll still wait but the wait will be shorter.

2. Usual rules apply – keep the group to a maximum of 4 for quick seating.

3. Definitely try the 9 hr slow cooked lamb bruschetta. I order it almost every time…

4. My partner loves the hot cakes, ricotta and berry compote with maple syrup. She orders it almost every time…

5. The coffee has always been good so I recommend it for a caffeine fix.

If you want to see some more pictures of the dishes on offer, check out The Empty Fridge. Enjoy!

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