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Tintara, McLaren Vale South Australia – The best wines in the region by far…

Posted on : 11-05-2011 | By : Peter | In : McLaren Vale, SA, Wineries

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On our last visit to Adelaide we visited the McLaren Vale region and sampled a number of the local wines on offer. During our time there we stopped in four wineries with Tintara easily the best.

Tintara happened to be the first stop on our wine tasting tour and we were initially worried because we were loving each and every wine we tasted. We wondered if this was just due to the euphoria of being on holidays and braced ourselves for some major credit card pain. We need not have worried. The subsequent wineries all failed to rock our respective palates. While Hugh Hamilton, Wirra Wirra and D’Arenberg offered spectacular views and brand recognition, their wines were sadly lacking. So much so that we revisited Tintara at the end of the day to buy more bottles and compliment the hosts on the quality of their wines. It should be noted that while the other wineries offered stunning cellars and views, the Tintara cellar was also lovely being housed in a heritage listed building. However, it is tough to compete with Hugh Hamilton’s breathtaking grounds though.

McLaren Vale is situated a quick 45 minutes from Adelaide, making it readily accessible to anybody visiting Adelaide. While it is not as pretty as the Barossa Valley (I’ve yet to check out the Clare Valley), its proximity to the city makes it an attractive option for those with limited time to spare.

My tips:

1. The Sangiovese at Tintara was especially good and my pick of their offerings.

2. Please do exercise prudence and care when wine tasting. The police RBT units are generally out in force in the region.

3. If you have more time, the Barossa Valley is a bit more scenic and only 1.5 hours from Adelaide. The Clare Valley is even nicer, according to anecdotal reports – will have to do that next time I’m down there.

That’s it. Enjoy and if you see Tintara stocked at your local liquor store, it’s definitely worth a taste!